Job applicants and employees should be aware of job recruitment, interview, and offer scams being perpetrated using the Internet and social media platforms. In connection with this rampant fraud in the recruitment of prospective workers, we urge job applicants to be vigilant when receiving job applications and/or job interview calls on behalf of Samudera Indonesia Tbk (SI). SI believes that one of the best ways to put a stop to this fraudulent activity is to make you aware of it.

We inform you that:

  1. Each stage of the job application process passed by the applicant is free of charge. SI would never request credit card, bank account number(s) or other personal financial information as part of the job application process.

  2. SI does not provide, appoint, or cooperate with any party to arrange the recruitment process such as accommodation and transportation or accept payment in any form.

  3. There is no refund or reimbursement system for transportation and accommodation costs related to the selection process.

  4. Be aware of all forms of information, especially those that are easily obtained via the internet and social media. Check the accuracy of the information by visiting the official website and the official SI account on social media.

  5. SI will not be responsible for any losses arising from the fraud.

Please call telephone number 021 - 5480088 Ext 887889 to check whether the recruitment information obtained is correct and to report fraudulent recruitment processes.

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