The shipyard service has been in operation since 1976 and to date has covered the business of ship repair, maintenance and construction, and fabrication of components & industrial tools. Along with the growth of the shipping industry in Indonesia, the Company continues to increase its capacity to meet the needs of the shipyard.

PT Yasa Wahana Tirta Samudera

The company established in 1976 focuses on order ship repair & maintainance as well as the construction of new vessels.

PT Wahana Jaya Samudera

Established in 2013, the Company handles running repair, non-marine project fabricator, general contractor and ship material supply.

PT Galangan Samudera Madura

Established in Madura in 2016, the Company has a range of activities including steel and wood shipbuilding, repairs and maintenance of shipbuilding, and the manufacture of floating tools.