In 1986 started business in the field of loading and unloading services in various ports in Indonesia. Then, in 2003 this business line evolved into a terminal manager at the port, with services covering:

- Loading and unloading and delivery and stacking services for containers and general cargo
- Bulk terminal management services, container terminals, multipurpose terminals
- Provision of port supporting equipment
- Provision of clean water to the vessel

The Company now operates 4 terminals and ports; 3 of which are located in the port of Tanjung Priok, Jakarta and 1 in Palaran, Samarinda, East Kalimantan. Two of the 3 terminals located in Tanjung Priok are managed collectively with PT Pelabuhan Indonesia II to provide container and bulk services. The Company also operates Dermaga Serbaguna Nusantara (DSN) terminal through Build, Operate and Transfer (BOT) scheme which provides boat docking, loading and unloading facilities and field operations for domestic and general cargo containers. The Company has equip ports under management with equipment such as Container Crane (CC), Harbor Mobile Crane (HMC), Rubber-Tyred Gantry Cranes (RTGC) to increase loading and unloading productivity. The Company has also formed a strategic alliance with IT Portlink Malaysia in the field of maintenance and repair.

PT Samudera Terminal Indonesia

Established in 2014. This business unit functions as a subholding that accommodates and manages the terminal business run by Samudera Indonesia.

PT Prima Nur Panurjwan

Established in 1986 serving the loading and unloading activities of vessels in Tanjung Priok Port on domestic routes (inter-island voyages) for breakbulk cargo and containers with scope of activities including stevedoring, cargodoring, receiving / delivery, and warehousing activities. The company also implements adequate information technology systems to support business activities through the Electronic Terminal Operation System (ETOS).

PT Tangguh Samudera Jaya

Established in 1986, is a loading and unloading company engaged in the Port of Tanjung Priok. This company serves the loading and unloading activities of international and domestic containers, multipurpose terminal operators, stevedoring and equipment providers.

PT Pelabuhan Samudera Palaran

Established in 2007 and started operations in 2010. Operating Palaran Container Terminal (TPK Palaran) in Samarinda, East Kalimantan. TPK Palaran is a project initiated by Samudera Indonesia, Pelindo IV, and the Government of Samarinda City to anticipate the growth of container flows in Samarinda which is increasing every year. The company obtained a concession to operate TPK Palaran for 50 years. Also, this business unit has been providing various services such as container loading, unloading and stacking services, and water supply for ships.

PT Samudera Sarana Terminal Indonesia

Is a joint venture between Samudera Indonesia and SEIC Resources (M) Sdn Bhd. Specially formed to ensure the readiness and availability of loading and unloading equipment at an optimal level. SSTI provides maintenance and maintenance services, troubleshooting and repairing as well as improving system performance and provision of spare parts for loading and unloading equipment at the port.

PT Samudera Golden Mitra

Established in 2011, which is a joint venture between Samudera Indonesia and Golden business group. The main services provided in general is to support the loading and unloading of goods handled by TPK Palaran. In addition, it also provides container-packing, stuffing-stripping services from and to containers and haulage containers from and to the container port.

PT Tata Bandar Samudera 
The parent company of Samudera Stevedoring that operates in various locations in Indonesia. This company focuses on stevedoring activities.

PT Ampel Jaya
Established in 1993 and is domiciled in Surabaya, engaged in loading and unloading offering main services in domestic and international stevedoring activities. In addition, this subsidiary provides other services such as cargodooring, receiving/delivery, access stacker & forklift reach, and trucking services. It also owns a warehouse and open storage area.

PT Asta Rika Stuwarindo 

Established in 2005, this business unit operates in loading and unloading business and handles project cargo.

PT Ampel Tally Jaya

Established in 2008, and is a subsidiary of PT Ampel Jaya engaged in cargo checking services (tally). Services provided include international tally, domestic tally and tally cargo trucking.

PT Banjar Jaya Samudera

Established in 1993, providing loading and unloading services, cargodooring service, lashing unleashing service, survey and handling of empty containers in South Kalimantan.

PT Barelang Riau Jaya 

Established in 1998 to provide loading and unloading services for the ships the Company acts the agent for in Batam and its surrounding areas. Services offered include loading and unloading of cargo breakbulk, project cargo handling and container management.

PT Cirebon Jaya Samudera

Established in December 2018, this business unit handles stevedoring activites for PLTU 2 Project and Cirebon Port.

PT Deli Jaya Samudera

Established in 1986, this subsidiary provides services in stevedoring, cargodoring, equipment rental, maintenance & repair and container cleaning in Medan, Belawan and its surrounding areas.

PT Jambi Jaya Samudera

Established in 1993, this subsidiary does CFS stuffing activities for the Company’s principals such as TSK, NYK, KMTC, UASC and Maersk Line. Cargoes handled to date include rubber, palm shells with the most recent ones which also handled project logistics.

PT Kota Jaya Samudera

Established in 1993 and with initial focus on handling stevedoring for plywood in the anchorage of Selat Laut Kotabaru. As business has progressed, this subsidiary now also provides stevedoring services for coal.

PT Samudera Konsultan Terminal Indonesia

Since its establishment on 19 January 2018, this business unit operates in consultation and design for port engineering, management, and system.

PT Kuala Jaya Samudera

Established in 1986, this subsidiary handles loading and unloading activities for aluminum ingots that are marketed both domestically and exported.

PT Kutai Jaya Pundinusa 

Established in 1986, this subsidiary provides stevedoring services in Samarinda, East Kalimantan. As its business grows, KJP has further developed activities at Loktuan port, Bontang and opened branches in Maloy and Berau.

PT Lampung Jaya Samudera

Established in 1986, this subsidiary provides services in stevedoring, cargodoring, receiving/delivery, warehousing, stuffing/stripping, door-to-door, tally, project handling, project supervision, and rental of mechanical and non mechanical equipment.

PT Makassar Jaya Samudera 

Established at the end of 2010, and domiciled in Makassar. This subsidiary offers stevedoring/loading/unloading services including, cargodoring, receiving/ delivery, project logistics support, and equipment provider.

PT Merak Jaya Asri

Established in 1986. Main activities include stevedoring for cargo breakbulk and general cargo, cargodoring, receiving/delivery, stuffing/stripping, customs clearance, equipment provider, heavy cargo handling.

PT Musi Kalijaya

Established in 1986, this subsidiary provides Container Freight Station (CFS) and Container Yard (CY) stuffing services, warehousing, breakbulk cargo handling, trucking, project cargo, and door-to-door service in Palembang, South Sumatra.

PT Padang Jaya Samudera 

This subsidiary was established in 2010 and has it business activities concentrated in the Teluk Bayur port, West Sumatra. Services offered include stevedoring, cargodoring, stuffing & stripping, cleaning and customs clearance.

PT Papan Jaya Tirta

Established in 1986 to handle stevedoring for plywood, cargodoring, door to- door services, customs clearance, and receiving/delivery services in Balikpapan, East Kalimantan.

PT Pontianak Jaya Samudera

This subsidiary was established in 2011 specifically to provide port services in stevedoring, cargodoring, warehousing, import cargo handling, and customs clearance brokerage in West Kalimantan.

PT Prima Bandar Samudera

This subsidiary was established in 2012 to provide loading and unloading services and is domiciled at Tanjung Priok, Jakarta with operational area covering two ports, Tanjung Priok port and KBN Marunda port .The main activities are stevedoring for breakbulk cargo and domestic containers. This subsidiary also serves customers with domestic container shipping market segment with medium-sized vessels in addition to international shipping for general cargo.

PT Riau Jaya Samudera 

This subsidiary was established in 1998, operates in Dumai to the port of Perawang, Sei Pakning, Tanjung Buton (Siak), the port of Pekanbaru and its surroundings. The services handled include stevedoring, cargodoring, receiving/delivery, refinery project and project moving.

PT Tangguh Jaya Samudera

Established in 2016 to provide stevedoring services that include cargodoring, receiving/delivery, stevedoring licensing.

PT Tara Jaya Samudera 

This subsidiary was established in 1986 and is domiciled in Tarakan, North Kalimantan with branches in Nunukan and Tanjung Selor. Services handled include stevedoring, general cargo, inter island & import-export, plywood, and coal cargos.

PT Tembini Jaya Samudera

This business unit operates in Cilacap, Central Java. Services handled include stevedoring, stuffing/stripping, and cargodoring.

PT Tirang Jaya Samudera

Established in 1986, providing services in stevedoring, general cargo and breakbulk, warehousing, stuffing/stripping, tally, equipment provider, and project cargo handling.