Started business from ownership and asset management. Along with the growth of the Company, this business line develops its business activities covering the management and maintenance of strategic property assets, construction supervision, property asset development and development of various opportunities in construction.

PT Samudera Rekso Asri

Established in 2011, the Company undertook a feasibility study and analysis to optimize the value of its property assets. Some property projects that have been completed include Container Depot in Bandar Lampung and Medan, Samudera Residence in Depok, warehouse in Semarang and Pondok Kelapa Gardenia in Jakarta.

PT Samudera Rejo Agung

The company established in 2014 is engaged in property ownership and property management. Its activities include the management and development of Samudera Indonesia Building in Slipi, Jakarta.

PT Samudera Properti Indonesia

Established in 2015, with the objective to oversee the ownership and management of the Company's property assets. The Company has acquired land on the road Enggano, as the location of the Samudera Indonesian office in Tanjung Priok