The Board of Directors of the Company hereby invites the Shareholders of the Company to attend the Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders (hereinafter shall be referred to as the “Meeting”) which shall be convened on:

Day/Date: Wednesday, 09 November 2022
Time: 10.30-12.00 WIB
Venue: Soehanna Hall The Energy Building, 2nd floor, SCBD Lot 11 A Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 52-53 – Jakarta Selatan 12190

Approval of Stock Split.

This Meeting will discuss the proposal for Stock Split with a ratio of 1:5 so that the nominal value of the Company’s shares which originally was  Rp25 per share will become Rp5 per share. This Stock Split aims to increase the liquidity of the Company’s stock trading activities in the Indonesia Stock Exchange. Through this Stock Split, the Company’s share price will become more affordable, especially to retail investors, so it is expected to increase the number of shareholders of the Company.

Notes :

  1. The Company does not send individual invitations to each shareholder, therefore this Invitation shall be considered as a valid and official invitation to the Shareholders in accordance with Article 17 paragraph (1) juncto Article 52 paragraph (1) Financial Services Authority Regulation No. 15/POJK.04/2020 concerning Plan and Procedures for the General Meetings of Shareholders of Public Company (“POJK No. 15/2020”) and Article 12 paragraph (9) of the Articles of Association of the Company.
  2. The Shareholders who are eligible to attend or be represented in the Meeting are:

    a. For the Company’s shares that have not been registered in the collective custody,  the Shareholders whose names are registered in the Shareholders Registrar at the Company’s securities administration bureau, namely PT Sharestar Indonesia on Monday, 17 October 2022 at 16.00 WIB.
    b. For the Company’s shares that are registered in the collective custody, the Shareholders whose names are registered in the Sub Stock Account at PT Kustodian Sentral Efek Indonesia (“KSEI”) at the closing of shares trading day in Indonesia Stock Exchange on Monday, 17 October 2022.
  3. The Shareholders may attend the meeting electronically through the Electronic General Meeting System (eASY.KSEI) provided by KSEI. The Shareholder who can attend electronically is individual shareholders whose shares are registered in the KSEI’s collective custody. To use eASY.KSEI application, the shareholders can access eASY.KSEI menu at the AKSes facility (
  4. The Company provides conventional and electronic power of attorney facilities (e-proxy) using eASY.KSEI, to independent party (as stipulated in POJK 15/2020), and other third parties. The Company also advises the shareholders to delegate its authority to PT Sharestar Indonesia as the proxy who receipt authorization provided by the Company.

    i. Conventional Power of Attorney: the form of conventional power of attorney which shall include voting selection as well questions on the Agenda of the Meeting may be downloaded through the Company’s website (;  and submitted by e-mail to and The original power of attorney should be submitted  at the latest Friday, 4 November 2022 at 16.00 WIB to the following address:

    PT Sharestar Indonesia
    SOPO DEL Office Tower & Lifestyle Tower B Lt. 18
    Jl. Mega Kuningan Barat III, Lot 10.1-6

    ii. E-Proxy through eASY.KSEI. The Independent Proxy is available in eASY.KSEI is PT Sharestar Indonesia. The Power of Attorney of e-proxy can be submitted to the eASY.KSEI’s website through the following link by Tuesday, November 8, 2022, at 12.00 WIB.
  5. The Shareholders or their proxies who will attend the Meeting in person (with a maximum quota of 90 participants) are requested to:

    a. Conduct initial registration by November 8, 2022, at 12.00 WIB, through the following link:  
    b. For individual Shareholders, submit a copy of their valid identity card/passport and taxpayer registration number and a copy of their Tax Registration Number. Shareholders in the form of a legal entity are required to submit a copy of their Articles of Association and its last amendment as well as the latest deed of appointment of the Board of Directors and Board of Commissioners. The Shareholders registered in KSEI Collective Custody are requested to present the KTUR (Written Confirmation for Meeting) to the registration officer prior to entering the meeting room.
  6. The Shareholders or their proxies who will attend the Meeting are required to comply with all procedures, health protocols, policies, and other arrangements being stipulated by the Company, the building management where the Meeting is convened, and/or the authorized body, as follows:

    a. must provide a certificate or through PeduliLindungi application that shows complete COVID-19 vaccination has been administered (three doses), or if only being administered with first or second vaccination dose, must show a negative Rapid Antigen Test result which was taken maximum 1 (one) day prior to the Meeting date or negative PCR Test result which was taken maximum 3 (three) days prior to the Meeting date;
    b. must wear a proper medical mask; and
    c. The shareholders or their proxies who are unfit (who have COVID-19 symptoms (such as cough, fever, and/or flu, etc) will not be permitted to attend the Meeting although such person has shown the complete Covid 19 vaccine certificate, COVID-19 Antigen, or PCR test result.

    The Company has the right to prohibit shareholders or their proxies to attend or be present at the Meeting rooms and/or premises of the Meeting if the relevant shareholders of their proxies do not comply with the foregoing safety and health protocols.
  7. For the shareholders who attend the Meeting electronically or provide the power of attorney electronically through the eASY.KSEI application is required to adhere to the procedures of the Meeting which may be uploaded on the Company’s website.
  8. Shareholders or their proxies must present at the Meeting at the latest 45 (forty-five) minutes prior to the commencement of the Meeting since the registration shall be closed 30 (thirty) minutes before the Meeting.

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