Until now, fraud in the digital world is still rife. Evidenced by its recent appearance in the form of phishing and email spoofing on behalf of Samudera Indonesia. But before that, what exactly is phishing and email spoofing?

Phising, comes from the word fishing, is a virtual fraud attempt that aims to obtain personal information or data such as name, age, address, phone number, even to financial data. Usually, this effort is done through a link, email, or website. Sounds familiar, right?

Meanwhile, e-mail spoofing, which is also one of the phishing techniques, is an attempt at fraud by forging the e-mail header that it looks as if it was sent from a trusted party. You can see the identification method via the following link.

In the end, all fraud attempts only end up causing financial losses for the victims. Therefore, we always urge all parties to be more aware of all forms of fraud and don't share personal data with platforms or parties that are not trusted.

Lastly, you also can verify the informations through our official account:

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