Continuing the series of the Samudera Green Movement Program, Samudera Peduli is once again making efforts in environmental conservation by planting 6000 mangrove seedlings, this time located in Semarang.

Located in Mangkang Wetan, Tugu, Semarang, this mangrove planting is done in collaboration with Benih Baik and IKAMAT (Inspiration Family Mangrove Ecosystem Study Group of Teluk Awur). The planting of 6000 mangrove seedlings is carried out as an effort to prevent erosion that occurs in the coastal area of Mangkang Wetan. Similar to the mangrove planting activities in Bekasi, this time Samudera Peduli also involves employees from business units in the Semarang, Yogyakarta, and surrounding areas. The type of mangrove planted in this Samudera Mangrove Planting event is Rhizophora sp.

Participants in the mangrove planting started gathering at 08:30 AM. The event began with a welcome speech from the Director of Samudera Peduli and was followed by an explanation of how to plant mangroves and a safety induction. Equipped with gloves and rubber boots, the participants enthusiastically planted the mangrove seedlings. In addition to local residents, cadets who received seafarer scholarships from Politeknik Bumi Akpelni also attended. The event concluded with a shared lunch and the distribution of door prizes and mangrove-based souvenirs, including mangrove crackers, mangrove sticks, and coffee mixed with mangrove fruit seeds for all participants of the Samudera Mangrove Planting.

"Today's mangrove planting activity is in line with the Samudera Green Movement. Samudera Indonesia recognizes the need for Samudera Indonesia, as a shipping company, to participate in environmental preservation, especially in coastal and surrounding areas. It is hoped that today's mangrove planting activity and other environmental conservation activities will have a positive impact on the overall environmental preservation in Indonesia. Involving employees is also an effort to raise awareness for environmental preservation," said Nadya Anette, Director of Samudera Peduli.

The planting of mangrove seedlings is expected to prevent erosion and improve the existing mangrove ecosystem in the coastal area of Mangkang Wetan, Semarang. With this, it is hoped that shrimp farmers and fishermen can maintain their catches, and their living environment can be protected from erosion.

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