PT Samudera Indonesia Tbk (SMDR) has just added vessel to its fleets. Friday (9/3) located at Keppel Terminal, Singapore the inauguration of the new vessel named Sinar Penida was held. This container carrier has 609 TEUs capacity.

“This is the second vessel received by Samudera Indonesia in Q1 – 2018 after previously we received and inaugurated the sister ship named Sinar Palopo on early February,” told Bani M. Mulia, Managing Director SMDR.

Sinar Penida dan Sinar Palopo will complement Samudera Indonesia’s fleet in serving inter-islands domestic route in Indonesia and also the first series of the Samudera Indonesia fleet development and rejuvenation program in 2018. Both of the vessels were built in Nanyang Jingjiang Shipbuilding, China with the total investment value US$ 17 million.

For maiden voyage, Sinar Penida will be deployed for international route Singapore, Malaysia, and India. “After registration and reflagging process to Indonesia flag is completed, Sinar Penida will serve inter-islands domestic route in Indonesia,“ Bani stated.

The vessel was officiated by Mrs. Chandraleika Masli Mulia, Comissioner PT Ngrumat Bondo Utomo (holding company Samudera Indonesia). Prayers and tumpeng cutting symbolized gratitude for Sinar Penida’s maiden voyage while hoping the blessings and protection from God Almighty so the vessel could sail safely and support enhancement of inter-islands connectivity program in Indonesia.

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