Terminal Peti Kemas (TPK) Palaran is located at Samarinda, East Kalimantan. This port is a form of public-private partnership among Samudera Indonesia, Samarinda City Government, and Pelindo IV. In 2007, Samudera Indonesia was selected as a partner in the construction and operation of TPK Palaran.

In 2010, TPK Palaran was officially operating. Samudera Indonesia through its subsidiary manage and operate TPK Palaran under the scheme of Built Operate and Transfer (BOT) for 50 years.

Services provided by the terminal such as loading or discharging and stacking containers and also the provision of clean water for the vessels. TPK Palaran has taken over the role of Samarinda port and become important for serving more effective and efficient loading/discharging of containerized cargo. This also become the solution for the streamlined flow of inbound and outbound cargo in Samarinda.