In 1975, Samudera Indonesia established a subsidiary to run an inland transport business for general cargo and projects. Currently, this subsidiary offers five main services as follows:

  1. Containerized Cargo Transportation

Provide inland transportation for both import-export and inter-island containerized cargo with the main route from ports to a designated warehouse or even factories that belong to cargo owners and vice versa.

  1. Direct Shipper Cargo Transportation

Provide cargo transportation from factory to warehouse or even other factories with truck rent system which varies from trip per transport, tonnage package or even time-based rent.

  1. Empty Container Reposition

Provide empty container transportation between container depot and shipping line.

  1. Cargo Distribution

Contribute to supply chain management of a product as a transporter by transporting them from the main warehouse to small warehouses up to retail stores.

  1. Project Cargo Transportation

Handle cargo of infrastructure project from ships, factory, and warehouse storage to the project location in accordance with customers’ requests.

  1. Intra Port Haulage Service

Provide stevedoring services in the port area with owned vessels and operate terminal tractor that belongs to port operator. In addition, this subsidiary also provides maintenance services, repair, and lease of terminal chassis (port trailer) as an integrated part of the entire business activity

In 2013, this subsidiary has made a breakthrough by providing service packages to port operators through the operation of terminal tractors, equipment maintenance, and rental.

This subsidiary also regularly updates its fleet to meet the demand of customers including prime mover/trailer 360 PS (Volvo), prime mover/trailer 260-320 PS (Hino), prime mover/trailer 200-20 PS (Isuzu & Nissan) dump trucks, box trucks, flat deck trucks (Tronton), wing boxes, pools/trucks depots & workshops, storing units, 20 '& 40' chassis/semi-trailers, low bed, chain, rope, belt, and tarpaulin.