Our team competence has helped SISM enlarge its business to provide technical services based on customers and market needs. These services include technical consultancy, new building supervision, dry-docking project, pre-purchased inspection, spare parts procurement, ultrasonic test measurement, reflagging, and other marine-related services.

Our own specialist panel of naval architects and marine engineers will coordinate, consult, and supervise the shipbuilding teams at various shipyard/building sites. They will be there from the design to the delivery stage of the vessel. Site teams are led by expert shipbuilding managers.

Purchasing a vessel is a critical stage for shipowners in their business life cycle, whether it is a new-built or secondhand vessel. Assessing second-hand vessel conditions requires strong knowledge and experience. SISMan provides experienced inspectors to perform a pre-purchase inspection. This will result in a report summary of ship condition and recommendations of improvement needed.

For dry-docking, it requires preparation long before the project is performed. The repair list must be prepared based on maintenance procedure and future vessel utilization. Managing spare parts suppliers and vendors is as much important as appointing the right shipyard. SISMan provides this service for customers to perform the project efficiently.